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lioin samson40-year-old artist from Vasilevka going to get into the Guinness Book of Records. He plans to spend five weeks in a cage with lions.

And yet - the world's first to take delivery at the lioness Family of our fellow countryman Alexander Pylyshtnko already known to the whole of Ukraine - their home zoo rightfully considered to be something amazing and miraculous. In the past profitable on ICTV was unique finale show "Miracle men," where Alexander Pylyshenko though not won, but secured the support of thousands of viewers who sent in his favor toll messages ...

Quiet street Steppe - the westernmost in Vasilevka. Normal street Conventional Ukrainian town that's only Entering her, once you hear the lion roar ...!

Approaching the high-forged gates, hospitably opened wide. Meet us - two large dogs, friendly flapping their tails and lick the hands norovyaschie guests. Greets us with a guy with a beard. Based on age - son of Alexander Pylyshenko. Meet. Son, Alexander Alexandrovich is my namesake.

Denis Pylyshenko says that his father could not have vstre-tit - prepare food for pets. A tall man in high boots and laced ryzheyu bearded artist - and there is Alexander. He leaves the house with a large metal basket. In a typically collect leaves ... It - half a calf - a black head, legs, guts ... all covered with black hair - a really wild improvisation. Hello to the sleeve - the hands of the house of ichor and raw meat.


Breakfast for pets Alexander Pylyshenko

Breakfast for pets Alexander Pylyshenko

I thought that the idea for journalists so soon and will begin - the owner of a mini-zoo in a cage to come roaring lions, as shown in the unique show, "Wonder People", where our hero with his snarling "family members" fought for the prize 100 000 hryvnia. But, as explained by the landlord, "First, the meat - and then kissing." What he had in mind, we realized only later.

"We live like this!"

At the threshold of the house owner apologized to us for the situation at home, explaining "that they are living." The house is spacious Pylyshenko family, but there is absolutely no reverence for things like in many homes. Next to a burning fireplace and cozy wood crackling under the dancing flames, are comfortable leather chair and sofa. On the table a delicious coffee. Not included Razuvious. Dogs lie down at his feet, and a year-old English mastiff Ike begins to snore like a hefty guy, drooling on the carpet. Mastino Neapolitan Busya at my feet, clamoring for attention, like a girl rolling her eyes in the folds of funny faces. No one washes her feet before she decides to take a walk on the ground floor. In this environment, our conversation runs slowly. Alexander Pylyshenko - a very interesting conversationalist.


Alexander's dogs

Busya (left) and Ike (right) respond to a gentle "Debiloidy"

- Forty years I had in days. I was born two miles from Vasilevka in the village May Day - as in the spirit expounds his career, Alexander Alexandrovich - Deputy Chairman of the family farm. Parents - cows, pigs, chickens, nutria, and the like livestock. Was totally against this way of life - thought it'll never do anything like that and I'll go somewhere far, far away.

Alexander Pylyshenko entered the Art Institute, where he met future wife - Helen. After graduation the family returned to the young artists from Krivoy Rog in a small home of Alexander.

- It turned out that I live a few kilometers from the parental home and do almost the same, only instead of cows - lions, instead of pigs - a bear - smiling companion. - Who was born and raised on the ground, not perelezet the balcony. I can not imagine myself in the apartment.

Calculator for the artist

The native Vasilevka Alexander Pylyshenko six years in a row led the school of art. But, says himself, a man he creative, but because - irresponsible. At some point I realized that leadership position was not for him.

- Money from my directorship at the School of Art was never enough. We had a showcase to make out, then paint the trays. So I decided to go for self-sufficiency - Kuyu. I do everything that due to the artistic treatment of metal. He worked for the Yalta zoo, and for the field of fairy tales, and other similar institutions. But, basically, income brings the banal - gates, fences, railings ... In response to the crisis, and there was order in times less.

On the day of four-legged family members Pylyshenko consume about thirty pounds of meat! So, naturally, the "home zoo" itself does not pay.

- The price of a lion cub? I bought a zoo in Ukraine. I sell them from one thousand five hundred dollars. This is a very reasonable price. For example, when I was eight and a half years ago, buying a lioness caught fire, then found the best option - is $ 3,500 plus shipping from Hungary. Fortunately, I went to visit the zoo's director of Yalta, and Oleg offered me a kitten and a half thousand. Of course, I'm happy! You saw it - it's our Kate, that in the aviary.

Children apartments

Family home Pylyshenko a kind of transshipment base for wild exotic animals. They got many predators out of the hands of the Crimean photographers who sometimes inhumane act with our smaller brethren. - Have you ever climbed the Ai-Petri? Did you see there are many local photographers with cubs, rysya-mi, cubs, falcons? So I'll tell you what they are doing with these animals. For a start they need to trim the claws, it is desirable along with a phalanx of finger - again not to the industry. Then there was a good idea to knock out the teeth so as not to kusnuli with fright. And that would earn more money, they should be hrenovasto feed - then they grow up humpback and rickety.

lynxThe family Pylyshenko such harried and hungry baby animals just blossom. For example, one of lynx living in the aviary, Alexander Alexandrovich - also a "private child."

One of these wild lynx lived in crowded animal and a 2-room apartment One of these wild lynx lived in crowded animal and a 2-room apartment - There's no story for the faint of heart. Imagine a two-room "Khrushchev". In it - dad, mom, three kids between the ages of two and a half to sixteen years old, rabbits, fish, parrots, cats, turtles, squirrels, wolf and lynx. Why? Well, a family of photographers! Give us a lynx, as grown up a bit and become a threat to the inhabitants of the apartment zoo.

Cri de coeur

All those who have pets in the house, know what vitamins, vaccinations, or a sudden cold elemental pet. Released two, or call a specialist, or take the animal in vetkliniku. But what about the lion in pribolevshim Vasilevka? - In my example, tell, - says Alexander about their everyday concerns.

- Last winter due to abnormal temperature changes (in the morning 3 at night -10), Katja frostbitten leg. On the front of the left three fingers very badly affected - so that no operation is necessary. We turned to the clinic Zaporizhzhya "Friend" - where we drove it a little to vaccines. We even took pictures and posted the picture in the corridors solution for advertising - they say, that's what our customers! Month of life took phone calls from a variety of veterinarians, such as: "A lioness? Adult? Yes, you! Operation? No, you better put to sleep her! "


Alexander Pylyshenko kissing Kate.Samson is not jealous

Alexander Pylyshenko kissing Kate.Samson is not jealous

Rescued by a grandfather, a professor - Rodionovich. After listening to my agitated speech, he joked: "Well, if not won mene Duzhe tear, then zroblyu ..." Katya, I lulled and immobilized. Professor and students had the surgery, anesthesia, she went from normal. This is the most difficult in such cases - to calculate the dose of anesthetic.

In Vasilevka former agricultural college, which produces vets, changed name to "academy." Here are, in fact, it seems, thence veterinarians continue to prepare themselves for castration, only rabbits but artificial insemination of cows.

- Even the evil takes! Such a framework at hand - come, take it, I do not know cal analysis! Count how many worms there ... In the eyes of a lion live to see, in the end! What we absolutely do not need anything! Do any future vet is not going to work in a zoo or circus? For us coaches kids bring from Tokmak, Energodar, canopy and other cities. A Vasil'evskii children for fun in the summer to come - into a lion with a slingshot or pneumatics to shoot, and run.

- A dog?

- I wonder. - Yes, some of these guards? - Smiling companion, staring at eloquently snoring Mastiff.

Give us a record!

This summer, Alexander Pylyshenko just crazy to risk his plan - to live in a cage with his lions five weeks!

- Apart from them, just build a shower and toilet. Going to sleep on a wooden platform, without the quilts and pillows. In June and July, want to set this record and take delivery at a lioness. That is why the exact date of the beginning of the experiment has not yet decided.

On the territory of farmstead Pylyshenko already built a separate house for volunteers and representatives of various organizations, which, if you please fix the record of the artist. Journalists "NG" Alexander also invited.

- Five weeks in addition to labor, going to devote creativity - from nature to write directly in the cell.


Beast and Man Beast and man

Beast and Man Beast and man. True, they look like?

The current record for cohabitation with the lions belong to the 42-year-old resident of Florida (USA) Jim Dzhablonu. Jim, thanks to its unconventional experience, received money for the home accommodation and world-famous.

Vasilevets also plans to spend in the cage for a week more Americans, and even to take delivery from Katie!

- I already took her toddler to help her. For the first time it happened by accident. He went into the cage and looked for it - but they are already here! And we are no signs of pregnancy, she had not seen it ... after two days of lambing for themselves and their children did not admit of a lion, and I was allowed to be near. Generally, if the Tigers - Cats hundred percent, then the Lions - is the same for one hundred percent of dogs - loyal and smart.

Bear, where is your smile?

The most cunning and dangerous predator of domestic Pylyshenko - is a seemingly good-natured Bear, Brown Bear. When we left the house, he brought up-eaten condensed milk.

- Bears are no facial muscles, - said Alexander Alexandria rovich. - Therefore, the expression of his face does not change. With one and the same expression he can cuddle, kiss and kill, to tear shreds. With him we are here attitude when I walk into the cage to clean it, something podladnat, he goes to the end of the cage and waits patiently. Through the lattice, we communicate with him very well - eating with the hands.


Bear - a very cunning animal

Bear - a very cunning animal.But loves fresh bread

A couple of lynx, according to the artist, usually climb a tree in the aviary or sit in a stone hut. Man, they are not allowed near-wild remain even in such conditions. And very bad breed in captivity. Behind the scenes there came a moment in which I have just incredibly fast heart beat - Pylyshenko went to the lions in a cage. Samson and Kate immediately began to rub its muzzle on the foot host fairly humming. Neither give nor take - the cat.

- Samson we have a handsome man. This - Barbary lion. You see, in addition to a lush mane in his thick vegetation on the belly, up to the groin. At home, in North Africa, they are not left in the wild. Rarity.

Pylyshenko without fear of thirst, "very rare" on the cage by the tail. Leo is limited and seems to baldeet from this game. Kate goes after him, flirting. Alexander puts her hands in the mouth, as if about to break. Then they kiss. Behind the house, away from adult predators on the lonely wandering lion cage.

- He is one of the last litter Katya - explains the owner. - Russia with our dogs, but has now become dangerous for them to a friend - during the game can hurt the claws and fangs quite long. Because of the separation with a dog by it's sad and refuses to eat. All day long walks along the lattice, and rubs its muzzle - already torn into the blood itself. The next week it is taken to the zoo Lugansk.

 They say cats do not like being hauled by the tail

They say cats do not like being hauled by the tail ...

 Like all fairy tales, the limit of hospitality over. We zasobiralis in Melitopol, full of positive emotions from communication with the unprecedented nature. At the end of a conversation Alexander expressed his attitude to domestic zoos:

- It is very wrong. We strive to another. Vasilevsky city council gave us hectare of forest for the construction of the zoo. We have already started construction, but shedstv to complete yet. I believe that such animals in private hands - all the same property of the state. I hope we will succeed, there are patrons and sponsors who understand us and help.

... After driving for a long time editorial sounded pleased, "roar" of Samson.

Denis Savenkov, photo Sergei Shubin, the newspaper "Our Town», № 9

Source: News Melitopol