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lion and PilishenkoAugust 2, 2011


Zaporozhye region

city ​​Vasilevka

Under the patronage of the Foundation "Bald Mountain" and with the participation of the President of the fund animal artist Alexander Pylyshenko.

Carried out an unprecedented campaign designed to draw people's attention on the conservation of rare and endangered species.

For 35 days, A. Pylyshenko will live and work in the same cage with lions. The paintings, he wrote at this time will be realized and the funds from the collection will be aimed at building a zoo.


     I hope that spirit and optimism with which I approach this project, will be understood and supported by the people for whom life-saving rare species of animals is not an empty sound. I hope for your support and moral and financial. Only together we can give our children this wonderful world of wildlife.

     Sincerely president of Foundation "Bald Mountain" Alexander Pylyshenko.


a happy 2012! Happiness and prosperity in the new year, a lion's courage and a strong health of our friends and visitors!

winter - not the best time for activity and changes in both animals and humans. But this winter - special and recently finished a project "Man and the Lion," we do not have to be bored. Now we are working towards the construction of the Zoological Park, which was the main goal of our past actions. Construction is in a frozen state, now is the formalization of architectural works and in the process of completing an architectural plan, without which, as we know, can not work with any building, not to mention the construction of a vast park.

We continue to share their experiences with our foreign colleagues who are engaged in conservation and breeding of rare subspecies of animals, successfully negotiating a cooperation and exchange programs.

was taken a good start and this year we want to run a full line of rehabilitation and reception for the content of predators and other exotic animals will continue until the construction of the park.

C in February 2012 launched a series of all-Ukrainian projects in which we participate. Details and updates - January 25, on our website and in the bands of the major Ukrainian media.

09.09.11, on the basis of XIII All-Ukrainian festival "Zaporіzka Sіnerama" Andrew Fatianov won the nomination "Best Director in the genre of popular science film", and as a documentary film "The Lion" snyatyyvo time of our project and posveschenny him, received the audience award. Watch a movie on our website Thank you all for your support and once again congratulations Andrew!

07.09.2011 Project ended in 12.00 Alexander came out of the cage, along with the cubs. It was quite a lot of press, including spontaneous. Visited by representatives of Ukrainian Book of Records (Igor Pidbichy) and the National Registry of Records (Vital Zorin) to award diplomas. Records were set for 36 days in a cage with a lioness and the first man in the world, who took birth from the lioness.

project has been very positive and fleeting that is, has surpassed even our own expectations. There have been some apprehension, but they vanished after the first seven days. It really went very smoothly, no injuries, no extreme points, and nothing of interest to fans of scandalous details and tearjerker. Is that kids scratched hands.

Over the 36 days for the film, for which he would like to express special thanks to our friends - studio "NESTANDART" and group "Krapka" who have supported us acoustic concert and the song "Earth", dedicated to the idea of ​​our project and the lions.

Special thanks to family and friends, all who have supported us these tough 5 weeks.

The project was not tolkoobratit attention to the problem of endangered subspecies of Barbary lions, but also to have a sufficiently interesting meetings with colleagues or simply indifferent people. We are quite pleased with the results, although the goals and not achieved in full, this is only the beginning. Self-reliance - a possibility given the best. There is still a lot of work.

11.08.2011 Kate gave birth to two cubs wonderful !!:) We understand your desire to do good stuff first, and please respect your rabotu.Ogromnaya to journalists and media representatives to treat with respect to our family events and do not bother to Sunday, 14.08.2011

Second of August 12:00, as stated, the project was successfully launched. After several hours of talking to journalists from all over the world, Alexander Pylyshenko entered the cage to Katya. The cell was sealed in the presence of more than one hundred and certified by the signatures of representatives of Ukrainian and Russian media. The first two days went well, Alexander feels comfortable enough lioness Kate is relaxed. After resting from a busy day filled with journalists' attention, asking questions, answering questions, photos and video footage in the next few days, Alexander will start working on his first with paintings in this unique workshop, in such an unfamiliar company