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One of the attractions Vasilevka is a zoo, which is owned by a local man, blacksmith, artist Alexander Pylyshenko. Know about this place in the Zaporozhye region and even throughout the Ukraine thanks to numerous publications in regional journals and subjects of local and national television.
Vasilevka. Zoo. Alexander Pylyshenko and small lions
Vasilevka. Zoo. Alexander Pylyshenko and small lions

The idea to have a predator came from Alexander Pylyshenko in childhood, after reading a book by Joseph Roney "cave lion." He then studied literature on the subject, and with the time when financial resources are allowed, in his family got the first cub. Since then, it took eight and a half years. It was a lioness Kate from Yalta Zoo. After a while she found a pair - Samson the lion from the Zoo in Rivne.

Samson belongs to the rare Barbary lions mind, which in the wild are almost there, and in private collections in Ukraine - one.

Earlier, the family lived in badgers, mountain lions, peacocks, deer and other animals. They got here a zoo, circus groups throughout Ukraine. Today the home of Alexander Pylyshenko than lions, bobcats and two bears. On the outskirts of Vasilevka should sign "Zoo." But Alexander does not like that word, he prefer the name "a collection of carnivorous animals." He is always happy to guests and visitors. Look at the animals to visit him the whole trip from St. Michael area, Tokmak, Energodar, Zaporozhye, and even from other countries - Poland, Macedonia, USA.

Vasilevka. Zoo. Leo Samson
Vasilevka. Zoo. Leo Samson

Who was not in a zoo Basilevka, he lost a lot. See a few meters from a live lion, which is the first word is subject to Alexander Alexandrovich, performing all of his team and allowing drag its tail like a lion kissing a man, and then together they rub against the cage, as pets, asking that they be stroked - it's a flurry of emotions.

Visit the zoo can all comers, at g.Vasilevka Street, Steppe, 8 (west of the city).