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For the past 11 years side by side with us live These amazing creatures & ndash; terrible and touching, fierce and at the same time very tender and defenseless & hellip; - lions.

They can not prevaricate, do not lie, betray and very honest in his feelings. If that does not like & ndash; Meet the rage, but if love & ndash; what a bunch of tenderness and affection guaranteed. And this boundless love we are trying to be happy and to generously share with all those who need it and peculiarities with the children.

Although, when in 2002 & laquo; adopted & raquo; first baby-lioness, which was only a month old, we were unaware that this pipsqueak, called Kate, will become the progenitor of a lion pride & hellip;

But it all started for many, many before, when a small boy, Sasha Pylyshenko into the hands of the book Joseph Ronnie & laquo; Cave Lion & raquo ;, and then - Joy Adamson & laquo; Born Free & raquo ;, and stories about the incredible and delicious Friendship weak and defenseless before the wild man and the king of the lion prirody- have left him indifferent. As time went on. The boy grew up. Together with him grew stronger and regained wings A dream come in September 2002 into reality in the form of a small desperate hissing spotted lumps which only 30 days, which is very lonely and terrible, and we, perhaps even more, because not only the people around us, we ourselves then considered the move too risky, almost insane.

But the smell of warm goat's milk, the nipple and the subsequent peaceful rumbling marked the name of our fear & ndash; responsibility and plyamkayuschemu cub -kotenku & ndash; Katya.

Kate grew, grew up with her her antics, her puddle, her toys, and it was not clear who someone brings up: then we & ndash; her, either It - us. One thing was clear: our world turned upside down. His & laquo; three pillars & raquo; have become responsibility, altruism and empathy.

After a while we realized: our smart, affectionate & laquo; & raquo ;, cat has become not just a full, and on & ndash; Essentially, a key member of our family has a right to be not only our favorite. Our responsibility & ndash; give it the right to live with their own kind, the right to motherhood. And the family council it was decided to look for a pair of Kate. That's right, not after a long search, in September 2003 & ndash; year in our house there was a 28-day Samson (representative of the rarest subspecies Берберийских Lions ).

And all happened again & ndash; milk, nipples, diapers ... That's just & laquo; toys & raquo; Do not buy new - new sofas and carpets are not enough funds & hellip; But it was not so important important thing is that Katie has now Samson, and on the territory of our most common Vasilievka manor became live happily ever after two families & ndash; human and lion, and the last ten years & laquo; romance & raquo; brought to light for 16 lions! A then, there still will be! ...

Gradually animals our family becoming more and more. At various times, except lions lived on a farmstead badgers, pumas, peacocks, deer, lynx, tigers and even a bear named Bear. Animals come to us from zoos, circus troupes and even private photos, as for a variety of life circumstances animals could no longer live with their former owners. For example, the Kiev State Circus gave in Vasilevka tiger-retirees who lived on outside the arena. The whole year we lived an old tigress, almost paralyzed, it literally had to hand-feed. But she was so grateful for the care and so beautiful, we are very happy that we had it! Still was a blind tiger, which did not see anything since birth. We even thought he underwent surgery on the eye lens, consulted with veterinarians, but unfortunately, he died because he was sick, and other diseases.

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But the real heart and the head master of our big family always belonged to lions, especially pervenitse - Kate. Up between them is so strong bond that he was free to go to the lion in a cage, stroking her, she licked him back, as most native creature in the world. The apogee of their tender friendship became an unprecedented project «Человек and Leo & raquo; , launched in late summer 2011. As part of this campaign, acclaimed around the world, he lived in the same cage with a lioness 36 days! Moreover, he in the course of this experiment took in a pregnant woman at the time Katie birth (were born starlet Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard in August and her brother Augustus, who became the darling of our whole family). Attention all domestic and international media was focused on the desperate project. Every day people follow the course of action, worried that she may end in tragedy. But for the entire month, while an unusually long and close to its owner, patient and wise lion did not even scratched the man. Therefore, when the September 7, 2011, Alexander came out of the cells with cubs in his hands, he was met by representatives of the Ukrainian Book of Records and the National Registry of Records. Records were set in two categories & ndash; & laquo; 36 days in a cage with a lioness & raquo; and & laquo; The first person in the world who took the birth of a lioness & raquo ;. Moreover, within six months after his triumph, daredevil expressed willingness to live with the whole lion family for one year! And Alexander is ready to embark on this new breathtaking action as soon as the sponsor who will pay for the content of our big family breadwinner which he can not be, for obvious reasons, for 365 days.

I would like to note and even emphasize that our whole family does not consider their animals as the zoo inhabitants. Of course, we always welcome visitors who come to enjoy our pets, but only pay for it is not set. Entrance tickets are not available, but if someone from the guest makes charitable contributions, they always accept with gratitude.

Someone makes money, someone to help meat & hellip; We welcome any help. Make money on their pets, we do not want and do not know how, but by means of never refuse. After all, all our animals need to be fed, to equip them for comfortable living conditions, sometimes even denying something yourself.

Now our family focused on assistance, if I may say so, the problem lions, arrange for them to rehab. Today we live seven lions, four of whom are behind a daunting experience. Thus, in August there was a friend of India. The girl was brought to the circus, where she was unable to work. The hunting instinct dictated her kids sitting on the forefront of this production, and rushed to the net, frightening young viewers. At the same time, with adults, she was very friendly and good, but to work in the circus it has become impossible. But lions teenage Bonia from Odessa and Caesar from Western Ukraine were sent to Vasilevka from their zoos because they could not feed corny. At first, the guys did not trust his new owner, showed obstinate character. There is a suspicion that people previously they had been mistreated and possibly even beaten. But after a while, and these guys have become more accommodating.

Another problem & ndash; tame timid little lioness Margo from Western Ukraine, which is almost five months living exclusively with his parents and was almost completely devoid of communicating with people. Unexpected helpers in the socialization of young Margot become new favorites of our family & ndash; Magnificent Four luxury Newfoundland. Dogs Marilyn, Ursula, Amadeus and Aragorn became best friends lioness and gradually his example teach her not to be afraid of people. Curiously, the magical effect shaggy divers and have the kids on Vasilevsky. Neighbors often say that after children fuss with our dogs, kids become more positive and accommodating.

Our family, family Pylyshenko, and in the future is not going to rest on our laurels and will continue to develop a rehabilitation center. We will host a troubled lions and tigers and help them to adapt, recover mental disorders continue to build out in good condition, or leave at home. In the near future Plans & ndash; to build on the territory of the manor house for more spacious cages for animals as close to natural conditions as possible.

I'd like to see whether people are able to keep the population of these beautiful animals and help them survive in modern conditions.

Of course, for this purpose need finance much more than it earns our family, so gorgeous animals from Vasilievka always welcome any assistance from caring people.